Use JQuery/Ajax to Take Selected Table Rows to Next Page


I have a table with multiple columns (index.php). One column is a checkbox. Whenever the checkbox is checked it displays another column where you can type in a quantity in a textbox or use the javascript spinner.

After all selections have been made I want to be able to click the "Checkout" button and have it take me to the index-order.php page where it should be displaying all of the table rows where the checkbox is checked in a table.

How can I add the selected rows to the index-order.php page and display them?

Index.php code:




query($query) as $row) {?>

LocReport CodeSKUSpecial IDDescriptionQuantityUnitQuantity #



$host="xxxxx";   $dbName="xxxxxx";   $dbUser="xxxxxxxxxxxx";   $dbPass="xxxxx";
  $dbh = new PDO( "sqlsrv:server=".$host."; Database=".$dbName