Randomly add a class inside a php loop


I'm using a php loop on my website.  I'm trying to randomly add a class "current" to a div inside this loop.  I know how to do it using jQuery but I'd liek to use php to achieve this.  here is my loop :


I'd like to add the "current" class randomly to the "background_directors" div.

can anybody help me with this ?


You can try something like this :

';   while (have_posts()) :    the_post();   $class = "";   if(!$isAlreadyActive && rand(0 1) == 1 || !$isAlreadyActive && $i == $numberPost):    $class = "current";    $isAlreadyActive = true;   endif;   echo '
';   $i++;   endwhile;   echo '
';   endif;   ?>  

Somethink like this ?

$test = ['class1'