Netbeans start xdebug on specific page


I have been programming PHP for quite some time but have never used an IDE or debugger to assist with this process. I decided to try and learn Netbeans with XDebug for PHP code assistance. Setting things up in the ini files was easy enough and I can verify that it is working. However when I start the debugger in Netbeans it loads the index page of my site and the page I actually want to debug is 5 pages deep and can take a long time to navigate to with the debugger on.

I have installed the Xdebug helper for Chrome but the debugger gets suspended in Netbeans and never debugs anything on the page. Here are the steps I tried with the Xdebug helper. Note: I already set breakpoints in Netbeans.

  1. Navigate to the page I want to debug.
  3. Turn on Debug in Xdebug helper.
  5. Reload page.

Here is the screenshot showing that the debugger appeared to start but suspended and stopped functioning I think. (image)

So I am looking for a bit of guidance and support figuring out if I may be using the tool wrong or if there is a better way to use it. Is there a way to activate it for a specific page and keep it running to debug ajax requests to php on the same page/project?

System Info

  • Windows 10
  • Wamp with PHP 5.6
  • Chrome