Laravel - move index.php file in project/public


I am hosting my Laravel project on shared hosting where I don't have access to modify the apache config to look for the index file in /public.

I've also tried adding DirectoryIndex index.html to my .htaccess file at the place where the hosting is looking for the index.php file.

This does not work.

That being said I think I can solve the problem if I simply move the index.php file out of /public (where Laravel has it by default) to the root where the hosting is looking for it.

That being said what do I need to modify in this index.php file to allow the Laravel app to work?

My structure is:

public_html/ <-- where my files are served from and where index.php should be    my-project/   public/   index.php <-- where Laravel expects index.php to be to bootstrap the app