Is it possible to execute an external URL in the client side and get JSON response by using PHP?


I got a URL from a ecommerce website and when i access it i get all the last 5 products that i've visited in their site. I don't know how it works i guess it's because of the cookie that this ecommerce website have left in my browser.

I would like to use this URL to show in my website something like this: "The Last 5 Products You Have Seen at X Ecommerce Website".

But to do that this URL must be executed in somehow in the client side and i will still need to get the JSON content returned by this URL.

Is there exist anyway to do that by using PHP or any other web technology?

Thank you!


AJAX is your option for client side requests. Here's the jQuery guide for it.

Here's a quick example:

$.ajax({   url: "