How to send a manual POST request of which I have a file with data?


we're using a custom built cart system and during high loads our payment system (Worldpay) times out.

When this happen we receive an email containing the POST request that failed and this is a .txt file done like the following:

POST /index.php?xxx=yyy&zzz=xxx HTTP/1.0   Content-Length: 917   Host:   Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8   User-Agent: WJHRO/1.0 (WorldPay Java HTTP Request Object)

How can I actually quickly resend this request to my server so it can register the payment now that the load is more normal? I have this in a .txt file is there a quick way to do it using this file as it is? Curl? Browsers? In a way so I can see the response to check that all is ok.

Thanks so much!