How to pass multiple parameter in ajax call using jquery


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I am facing problem in passing parameters with ajax URL.  i am trying to send multiple data using jquery $.ajax method to my php script but i can pass only single data when i concatenate multiple data.  when I try to update another fields but that field not update and first one is updated. only first field update. remains fields are not update. I am facing problem to update another fields. and also I try to pass multiple parameter in ajax URL but getting error. not update any fields.
  Please check my code and give me solution.

I hope you all are understand.

Thank You!!!

Here is my code:

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               ';    }   ?>     
FNameLNameEmail GenderAddressCityCourseHobby
'.$fetch['fname'].''.$fetch['lname'].''.$fetch['email'].' '.$fetch['gender'].''.$fetch['address'].''.$fetch['city'].''.$fetch['course'].''.$fetch['hobby'].'