How to generate pdf file with bangla language in codeigniter


I'm using m_pdf its working for English language but not working Bangla language . I already load m_pdf library

Please help any one

This is my controller code:

public function download_pdf(){   $sess_info = $this->session->userdata('loggin_user');   $user_name = $sess_info->user_name;   $profile_id = $this->uri->segment(3);   $data = [];   //load the view and saved it into $html variable   $data['get_profile']=$this->Dashboard_model->get_profile($profile_id);   $html=$this->load->view('users/profile_pdf' $data true);   //this the the PDF filename that user will get to download   $pdfFilePath = $user_name.".pdf";   $this->m_pdf->pdf->WriteHTML($html);   $this->m_pdf->pdf->Output($pdfFilePath