Creating an PHP API with php fpm and Socket connection


i want to create a PHP API that can be used as a microservice. It should not be accessible from the internet so connection security is not an issue. Priority is performance. I was thinking of using a simple TCP socket connection to get rid of HTTP overhead and to have a persistent connection. But I also want to use the strengths of php-fpm.   Is something like this possible?

+---------------------+ +-----------+ +--------------------+  | php App (stateless) +---+ php-fpm +---+ tcp socket server? |  +---------------------+ +-----------+ +--------------------+  

could I use nginx as the tcp server? or could i directly connect with php-fpm?

I hope my intention is clear. Thx in Advance.


Ok so for everyone trying to build microservices including state full services that can use persistent socket connections and would also like to use PHP