execute php code when clicking dynamic button

content: 'Are you sure want to delete '

new $this->table() vs. new tablename(); dynamic class generation

iterate through them and create new objects. Since other classes extend this database class

can not retrive data from db using codeigniter


Why doesn't laravel recognize my model?

No query results for the model [Appdummy]. I believe the problem is in the controller. When you submit the form it is supposed to trigger the function in the comment controller. This controller is new so

Can you run PHP OpCache in CGI FastCGI

but because the cache is flushed on every request anyway. FastCGI starts a new php-cgi process on every request and does not have a parent PHP process to store the Opcache results in. In fact

How to Authorize and call slack methods from a Cron?

answer1 There are 3 ways to get an access token for your script:Install app via admin windowCreate a Slack app and install it via the admin window in Slack. This will also give you an access token

Get woocommerce product ID by product name

but yet i am stuck to add this product to the cart via code since i can not manage to get the product id within the function code. Need your help to tell me how to get the product id to add it to the cart. function contactform7_before_send_mail( $tour_to_product ) { $tour_to_product =... Read More

PHP Str_repeat for Different Result Everyloop

$charactersLength - 1)]; } return $randomString;}//16 hanelik kodu buyutuyorum$uret = generateRandomString();$buyut = strtoupper($uret);echo str_repeat(1:test- . $buyut . </br>

How to call a php file with parameters on click of a button?

I presume when a form has been submitted somewhere. <head> <script type=text/javascript> function onLoad() { document.frmInput.submit(); } </script></head><body onLoad=onLoad();><form name=frmInput id=frmInput... Read More

PHP mcrypt to Python

the iv and relevant data is preset.$salt = sha1('12345'.'654321'); encrypt('12345678'

High-secured session principles for a safe login session

although the principles are basically always the same. I want to share with you what I understood so that you can slap my face if I'm saying something wrong

Magento 2: Add an Image Picker/Upload Button to AbstractFieldArray in Backend

I am working on a custom module right now to display upcoming events on frontend with configuration options in the backend.Right now the backend part looks like this:Backend partHowever

Invalid request token comming on twitter login in codeigniter

Array( [Invalid request token.] => )TwitterOAuth Object( [http_code] => 401 [url] => [host] => https://api.twitter.com/1.1/ [timeout] => 30 [connecttimeout] => 30 [ssl_verifypeer] => [format] => json [decode_json] => 1 [http_info] => Array (....)Thanks in advanced

Batch Insert yii2 from checkbox

and I have an array value from checkbox.This is my form :Model 1$dataConditionContainer = ArrayHelper::map(ItemConditionIr::find()->all()

Authorized JavaScript origins

is it possible to use my localhost as Authorized JavaScript origins?