Can anyone explain how this site is coded to move with the background?

but I am not sure what all is used to make it function as it does. I am thinking there is position

File_get_contents not returning Json data from url

so I'm really stumped on this one. Should be a simple task! I'm trying to do this in a localhost (Xamp) environment which I'm not too familiar with so maybe that is affecting the result? Any help appreciated.Have a look at the url if you like.$json_url =;$json =... Read More

Check if session exists php and print an 'echo'

it will display inputs depending of the country

Retrieve original value of an md5() variable [duplicate]

answer1 You can't get the original value of a MD5 function. This is only possible with something like rainbowtables or brut force. But there exists no way to get it with normal methods.

"Register form insert the record with “sorry

in my register form i want to validate the user input and check if the email is exist or not in the data base

php user invitation system [closed]

but when i press the send invitation button

No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' error with PHP Nginx

url: ''

How to delete all records of a particular table when user logout in laravel5.3?

answer1 Try calling the truncate method directly on the model class public function logout(Request $request) { $this->guard()->logout(); $request->session()->flush(); $request->session()->regenerate(); Store_seat::truncate(); return redirect('/'); }

How to get total number of document in Solr without returning everything?

this will return all the data in Solr too. This will be very slow if I have many document or if I have some very big document. Is there quicker way to do counting? Something like select count(*) from table in SQL?P.S. I am using PHP to connect to Solr.

PHP display image urls gathered in array via fetched url?

but I've managed to get this working somehow via google.<?php/*Credits: Bit RepositoryURL:*/$url = '';// Fetch page$string = FetchPage($url);// Regex that extracts the images (full tag)$image_regex_src_url =... Read More

Fatal error with php client library

but I got this error.I tried running the GetCampaigns.php Example code. Please Explain. The code look like this: // Generate a refreshable OAuth2 credential for authentication. $oAuth2Credential = (new OAuth2TokenBuilder()) ->fromFile() ->build();

How to use Mathquill on my website

answer1 Option 1You can either download the mathquill.css and mathquill.js files from github and use them from your directory.If you have your folder (directory) structure as below:appFolder.. scripts.... mathquill.js.... index.js.. css.... mathquill.css myPage.htmlHere's how you would reference... Read More

jQuery code is stopping the products from being inserted into the database

the product info does not get inserted into the database. However

how to conceptionally serve data to modern SPA frontends with PHP MVC backend?

what is conceptionally thought the right way to serve data from an php mvc backend to the frontend.Basically

Excel rows does not show overs 65536 if export from Frotaccounting ERP

it does not show over 65536 rows. Because FrontAccountion use Excel-97-2003. Excel-97-2003 does not support over 65536 rows.I have downloaded latest version of FrontAccountion. But latest version also use Excel-97-2003 for export.Now how can i solved my problem. If any idea please help... Read More