Laravel Tests in custom directory - Getting error “the name is already in use”

because the name is already in use Fatal error: Cannot declare class AppMyAppServiceTestOLSServiceTest

Mediawiki api login doesn't accept token

but it doesn't accept the login token I requested. When I request (via POST) the token like this action=query&meta=tokens&type=login&format=json it returns me a a token

unable to include menu.php into main.php

answer1 You cant open PHP-Files in a browser

How do i keep items in one row using php array_chunk and javascript filter?

so here it goes.I have a page with the profile pictures of our guests. Using array_chunk i keep them 6 at a time on 1 row:foreach (array_chunk($smoelenboek

how can I empty specific folder after a period of time by apache in wamp or any simple and fast way?

uploaded files delete after 10 can I empty specific folder after a period of time by apache in wamp or any simple and fast way?

SQL - Select two different conditions on same record

anyone have an idea?This is my SQL:$sql = SELECT * FROM domains WHERE tld='dk' AND whoisexpire !='' AND (whoisupdate='0' OR whoisupdate>='.time().') AND majrefd>=25 AND majtf>=10 ORDER BY whoisexpire LIMIT 25;Updated SQL line (removed quotes around integer value)SELECT * FROM domains... Read More

Word press popular posts short code doesn't make any excerpt of description

despite either excerpt of title or image of thumbnail was shown

Need help for converting js code to php

move pointer to the beginning

Getting wrong file encoding(?) after streaming from php to client through ajax

which is later being saved to client's machine.I am using ajax and streaming the contents.This is what I send from the server:$fileRecord = File::findOrFail($fileId);set_time_limit(0);$fs = Storage::disk('local')->getDriver();$metaData =... Read More

How to write to local App Engine datastore with PHP

but there is no documentation on how to connect/write to this local datastore using PHP.I can write to the local datastore emulator using:// Start emulator: gcloud beta emulators datastore start --data-dir=_datastore// Pointing this to dev_appserver's 'API server' doesn't... Read More

Post PHP Session via Curl (Mailchimp API)

FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL) === false){ // MailChimp API credentials $apiKey = 'xxx-us14'; $listID = 'xxxxxxxx'; // MailChimp API URL $memberID = md5(strtolower($email)); $dataCenter = substr($apiKey

Laravel Forge (Nginx) Gzip and browser caching + SSL

or I need to leave the default Forge setting?Here is the the google developer page speed result on my website which indicating I need to leverage browser caching and compression:

why i am getting empty response text in ajax?

the request is successful but I get an empty response. I had checked the readystate and status both are proper and the php file is in the same directory. function getData(str) { if (str == ) { } else { if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { var dat = new XMLHttpRequest(); } else { dat = new... Read More

Not accessing the Controller functions and resulting 404 page not found error in CI 3

filenames first letter are in Uppercase.On running the site on localhost ie- http://localhost:81/sitename/ it displays the home page.But when Controller name and its function name is accompanied on the url ie- http://localhost:81/sitename/login it results 404 Page not found The page you requested... Read More

exportTableToCSV is not working in php7

after upgrading the PHP version exportTableToCSV is not working anymore.I followed this script in 5.6.Do I need to add any additional code to fix my script?function exportTableToCSV($table