Why set_userdata() doesn't work?

but there was a problem when I used set_userdata(). It doesn't work. When I checked

pass mysql column to php function variable [closed]

How to pass mysql table columns in php variable function like this example<?php function multi($type){ return $type*5; }$sql=INSERT INTO table_a (column_a) select '.multi(column_b).' from table_b ?>Thanks for your helps.

Accessing uploaded file with imagecreatefromjpeg();

PATHINFO_EXTENSION);$newfilename = $_SESSION[id_session] . 1 . . . $ext;move_uploaded_file($tempname

contents of json field to be merged - Laravel application

keywords column is a json entry[laravel cast json]For record 1

Symfony: Multiple forms on one page

answer1 I think you don't need to put them all in the same if. What you can do is to separate them like this:public function whateverAction(Request $request) { $form1 = $this->createForm(...); $form2 = $this->createForm(...); $form3 = $this->createForm(...);... Read More

Mysql Date from Null to 00-00-0000

it show me the date.BUT

How to get Json structure result using many to many relationship in laravel 5.4

my doubt is how to get structure wise get json result in many to many relationship.I have three tables.users table:id name email password1 krish krish@yahoo.com ************2 adam adam@yahoo.com *************roles table: id role_name sub_role_name 1 admin default 2 guest default 3 admin admin_1 4... Read More

Laravel: Why should I use Middlewares?

So I really don't see the need of using middlewares in this case. If I want to check if the user is the owner of a particular post in my application I will do something like this in my view:@if(Auth::user()->id == $user->id) //$user is the passed user to the view <p>I am the owner of... Read More

Remove empty arrays from PHP variable

I store the selected value into my $language_id variable. However

php comparing timestamps within an hour +/-

answer1 This <=> operator will offer combined comparison in that it will :Return 0 if values on either side are equalReturn 1 if value on the left is greaterReturn -1 if the value on the right is greaterWhat you want to do instead is to compare the absolute value of $departure -... Read More

Extract string that begins with and ends with

so i tried their solution as below:$input = 'sdfsdf sdfsdf fd<%MYSTRING123%>d12df fsdsgsg d';preg_match_all('/[<%MYSTRING](.*?)[%>]/'

Populate Multiple variables with php from mysql database

mysql database. ExID Name price detail fact1 test 20.00 text example2 testing 30.00 apple orange3 tester 5.43 plum grapeAnd i have html code similar to the below and then repeats lets say about 30 different times because there are 30 different product data in the mysql<!-- This is product 1... Read More

How to differentiate between two elements with the same span (PHP)

the issue is there are countless iterations of this class within the HTML doc

Url Query (<select>)

but I was wondering why this isn't the case here. Does it have something to do with javascript or iframe? (sorry

Laravel with Mailgun timed messages

array( 'from' => 'XY<webmaster@xy.com>'

"why codeigniter removed session functions like userdata

why codeigniter removed session functions like userdata