Error 405 (Method not allowed) with Laravel 5.4 (POST request)

for the routing: Route::group(['middleware' => 'cors']

Query the results from with() relationship in Laravel

each customer having assigned orders. I try to return the orders only for a certain period

Continuous Clash with Database Handle and Null

even though it does connect. I have the following code

Is there a way to convert query string into an array?

but im interesting if there is simpler solution.

Redirecting search keyword from one webpage search box to another web page search box

answer1 Consider saving the keyword to $_POST echoing it to the next page. Here is an untested

How to add a sup menu

thanks alot// team select$query = SELECT

PHP upload a file to selected subdirectory

but I need it to upload to subdirectories or subdirectories of subdirectories from a select. But unsure how to use the select info.My folder structure is 4 layers of... Read More

How to transfer money directly to customers wirecard account

I checked out the paymentSDK-php from github

Swift Mysql PHP read database by typing in textfield

it calls my php file. The point of this code is to notify the user if they are choosing a username that has already been taken.@IBAction func TextFieldEditingDidChange(_ sender: Any) { let request = NSMutableURLRequest(url: NSURL(string: usernamecheck.php)! as URL) request.httpMethod = POST... Read More

Laravel 5.4 Cookie Value

answer1 The correct way to fetch the cookie valus is you've used$request->cookie('name');But the cookie helper method makes a new cookie

looping through object in PHP

answer1 You have here Laravel's Collection object. Read about collections here and use one of it's methods like map

Twitter API users/search order by followers count

I can return a list of twitter accounts with a search parameter (e.g. '#farming'). $url_search =; $getfield_search = ?q=%23farming; $twitter_search = new TwitterAPIExchange($settings); $searchstring =... Read More

JQuery validation not catching ajax response and setting variable to true

except when it is running an ajax check to see if the posted email address already exists in the database.I need the email_error var to return true if the response from the ajax call is not 'success'. My code:function validate_add_relative() { var check_error = false; var email_error = false; var... Read More

Htaccess mod_rewrite for multilanguage website

nav.phpand arrays.phparrays.php looks like:$navItems = array( array( 'slug' => index.php

number format in order by

2); $order = mysqli_query($con

Codeigniter 3 / Ajax / Not receving post datas

but definitly impossible to get them inside my controller