How to Convert unicode sequence to utf8 in php which received from json android?

answer1 Just use json_decode()$json = '{ Arabic: u0628u0647u0645u0646}';$json_decode = json_decode($json

"Javascript to get value to php

I have a very simple textbox: <input type=text id=userid />I have written the following JS to get the value of the textbox into js and send it to php:$(document).ready(function(){ $(#userid).keyup(function(){ $.post('Users.php'

How do I check a json object for the existence of a key with php server side?

So I am working with the reddit api using the php sdk wrapper by @jcleblanc ( )That information is not necessarily relevant to the question but I want to give you a frame of reference so you understand what I am looking to do.The api returns what I... Read More

laravel admin can access user account

$request->userid) ->first(); if (Auth::loginUsingId($user->id)) { return redirect('/'); }but admin logs out when login to user account by user id

dynamic content header and footer information overwrite in print view

600); document.URL = ; window.location.href = ; window.print(); } @page { size: auto; margin: 2mm 4mm 0mm 0mm; } .theadclass{top:0;position:fixed;display:block;height:100px;width:100%;border:solid 2px... Read More

Notify user when next time user login in Laravel 5.4 Application

which could be anywhere between 1000 to 25000 users. sending 1000s of mail or sms is waste of resources.I want to notify users using something which goes noticed

Implode() not Working in While Loop

$arr) . <br>; } }}I know $array is a proper indexed array.. if I do this before or after my for/foreach loop:echo '<pre>';print_r($array);echo '</pre>';The output is all my arraysArray( [0] => Array 1 Node 1 [1] => Array 1 Node 2 [2] => Array 1 Node 3 [3] => Array 1... Read More

Develop Web Based Weighbridge System with RS232

my company that I worked for use desktop based application (Visual Basic) that uses RS232 Serial Port connecting to weighing indicator. Is there possible to convert this desktop-based application to web-based application while maintaining data and process flow. If so

Escape Input values in PHP form

but fails when a form is posted to it:function cleanString($String){ $String = str_replace(array(''

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [Client] SoapClient::SoapClient(): 'location' and 'uri' options are required in nonWSDL mode

but am having issues with SoapClient Libry when invoking on a page its rejecting $client = new SoapClient($wsdl_url); for below page:bevfood.php <?php session_start(); $_SESSION['cart'] = array(); function connect() { $servername = localhost; $username = root; $password = ; $dbname = allofood;... Read More

Comparing a Large Amount of Arrays based off Array Count in PHP

thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has a good strategy for this.I have almost 3

Fata error: Call to undefined function add_action() in wp-includes/functions.php on line 5331

but I faced this type of problem many times. Really know idea how to fix this problem. Can anyone faced and solve this issue before?

Php converting date format not working [duplicate]

strtotime($date));For some the above code is not working and giving me the result: $date = 1970-01-01;When I am fetching date from database and converting in the same manner its working. But not working when i want to convert d/m/Y format to Y-m-dI can convert the date in other ways by exploding

Display a red bar on the image if the image has not been updated

these indicators are in the form of graphs. Charts that are made in PowerPoint. From PowerPoint it saves as .jpg and then uploads through a php upload script. And then the image is displayed on a page.Can you help me with this problem? I do not know exactly how to do it.Thank you.

CMS Made Simple - Installer 500 Error

answer1 I have now solved this. The CMS Made Simple installation PHP file needs to be uploaded in FTP Binary mode as it contains compressed sections.

PHP setup for web services on Windows 7

although i've worked on java and c# (not for web services). I want to build webservices in php.I understand i'll need a server but i'm not sure if i should go with apache24 or wamp.I also understand i'll need some SQL database but not sure which one.I cant find a source that will help me figure... Read More