Add more values to same key using foreach

'location_id' => (int) 20014727 ]

PHP send email to wrong account

but not perfect. When I respond my form and send the answer instead of send the text to my email server or from contact

SQL Join with subquery counting number of records with the same id in a different table

Avg(`row_rating`) AS 'avg' FROM `tableC` GROUP BY tableC.`row_id`)C ON C.`row_id` = A.`row_id` ORDER BY C.`avg` ASC The result of this query combines all properly but the same count and avg is displayed in all rows.

Get request with ajax throw a 403 error in localhost but not in a web server

here is part of my code:function ajaxFunction(id){ // Para incompatibilidades try{ // Opera 8.0+

Laravel real time tracking of DB changes and update the view accordingly

If a new record comes up then automatically show it up in the view without reloading a page

php sql Get query when checkbox is checked

when the checkbox is checked

PHP Exception within a try catch block not being caught unless the print function is called?

if i use a print-statement in the catch-block.I am seeing some strange behaviour with a PHP try catch block. My PHP version is 7.0.14.Here is a method that I've defined which simply explodes a string and stores the result in memory. If the exploded string doesn't have the expected amount of... Read More

check the user type mysqli php

function = 2. On the dashboard page I want to show different data on the user types. This is my code to show different data with the types: <?php $query = mysqli_query($mysqli

Amazon ElasticSearch service Signature mismatch for PUT Request - Amazon SDK php V2

it will trough the Signature mismatch error. I am using Amazon SDK version 2 SignatureV4 library for signing the requests. Also created a custom Elasticsearch handler to add tokens to the request. Does anybody have such issue with SignatureV4 library in Amazon SDK php V2.{message:The request... Read More

Changing the content of a div if a link is clicked

so I have a page with four links on it. Now rather than having the links link to a separate page I would like to stay on the same page but swap the contents of a div on this page

php - backtracking maze generation (converting everything to 2d array)

the size of the wall blocks should be the exact same as the size of an empty block/space

how to remove blank column from excel while exporting data using php

filename) { var $rows = $table.find('tr:has(td:has(input:checked))