ORDER BY after LEFT JOIN not working in browser but working in SQL

but I can't seem to find an appropriate solution to my issue ... I'll try to be clear enough : First

contructing API with PHP JSON

and it doesn't work well. :/ (I am php beginner)Via api_login()

PHP is sending a blank form [duplicate]

“Notice: Undefined index”

dynamic naming of html tag using php

the information will be entered in to the input type with current name ptnum

dompdf load custom font sometime show garbled

by right it should be like thisMost of the time it print out correctly

How to create a symlink for php project folder in apache's /var/www/html

such that the project folder can be used with the apache server for development process locally.

MySQL > update Query is not working while PDO type

But it's not working.. Here is queryUPDATE `tbl_abc` SET `field_name` = (CASE WHEN `field_name` LIKE '%:sub_string%' THEN `field_name` ELSE CONCAT(`field_name`

Why my bootstrap.min.css file is not getting loaded in codeigniter

answer1 CSS will be<link href=<?php echo base_url() ?>assets/css/bootstrap.min.css rel=stylesheet>As above code your css should place like thisapplicationassets - css - bootstrap.min.css - js - ab.js - images - no_image_found.pngsystemindex.php

Lumen 5.4 contains no UploadedFile::fake() function

none of the Illuminate/Http files associated to UploadedFile include the fake() function itself

get value of listbox in php

SELECT * FROM Provincetbl order by Prov_Desc desc);while ($row1 = $sql1->fetch_assoc()){?><option value=prov1><?php echo $row1['Prov_Desc']; ?> </option><?php }?></select><br><br></td></tr><td>Distrect</td><td><select... Read More