How to get a url value into a form field when the link is clicked in laravel

answer1 Edit : Updated the link generation based on commentsGenerate the referral link using the logged in user's email. Assuming you have the logged in user as $user

Difficult SQL query syntax

But when i am trying to get more data with AJAX i can't write the correct sql query syntax. <?phpsession_start();if(isset($_POST[id]) && !empty($_POST[id])) { include('connectdb.php'); $lastID = $_POST['id']; $videofetch = $conn->prepare(select * from user_followers as uf join videos... Read More

PHP Invite Code Redirector

it redirects to Below is my current htaccess

Cannot open view in laravel

i'm trying to fetch data from database (I'm using Sqlsrv) But i face an error htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string

php- get associative array values

i would like to get the values of the $aa variable

PHP Slim3 on HostGator with custom htaccess file

where the project folder is the highest level folder on my HostGator account

Use Tags in exported XML from MySQL

I have to convert the tags to the column names e.g. time = . How can I do this best?I need the following format: <row> <time>2017-05-20 18:04:14</time> <verbrauch>329</verbrauch> <leistung>759</leistung> <einspeisung>430</einspeisung>... Read More

Host key validation failed

answer1 Host key validation failedMeans that the server host key is not trusted (which is sane -- there is no way to verify that key from a script -- you should do that manually).Go to the GitHub documentation

"Unrecognized option “assets” under “framework”

can you help me to resolve this problem ? . I am trying to upload logo and when i type any command i get this exception in Symfony v 3.2.8 Unrecognized option assets under frameworkin config.yml@Route(/admin/logo

How to change table B value(include from table A) to 0 if the value that include from table A get delete

the value of adminid table B should change to 0)? Is it possible?Table A has:adminid = 1adminname = jackTable B has:newsid = 1adminid = 1The TableB.adminid should change to 0 if TableA.adminid = 1 gets deleted.Thanks!

Not able implement authentication - CakePHP

like credentials are not found.I have a table name called Usuarios and I want to user the fields email and contrasena (password) to authenticate.Here's what I did:AppController.php$this->loadComponent('Auth'

Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method DB::execute()

however I receive the error below my test page script below;My Test Page<?phprequire(Db.class.php);$db = new Db();$db->query(SELECT * FROM faction_territories);if ($db->execute()) { while ($row = $db->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) { echo '<tr>... Read More

Php - order the current data without reloading the page

$sql); if (mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) { // output data of each row while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>'.$row['title'].'</td>'; echo '<td>'.$row['description'].'</td>'; echo '<td>'.$row['data'].'</td>'; echo... Read More

"Saving multiple checkbox values into a database

this is my form <input type=checkbox class=hidden name=atte[] value=3 unchecked />and this is my PHP <?php if(isset($_POST['sub'])) { $host=localhost;//host name $username=root; //database username $word=;//database word $db_name=meeting;//database name $tbl_name=employee;... Read More

Symfony 3 own global configuration file

answer1 You have to do a dependency injection e.g. BundleNameDependencieInjection related of your bundle and then create Configuration class that provide configure external dependence and/or external configurations Have a look there... Read More

Passing a local javascript variable to global on a Phaser game using a button

I need a submit score button that passes a local javascript score variable to global so I can pass it to its PHP page and

How to use conditional for this query in Laravel 5.2

DB::raw('COUNT(grade) as gradecount'))->where('subject'