How to error message if user does not exist

if id does not exist in database

Symfony One Application - Multiple Subdomains

hope someone can answer them.Both would have some same routes like /login

RESOLVED : Elasticsearch multi _type boost one

'body' => [ 'query' => [ 'bool' => [ 'should' => [ query_string =>[ fields => [title

PHP display n posts on the page

if there are more posts to display

glob() variable value substitution in path php?

so a review of a harry potter book is located in books/harrypotter/ . $bookPath = books/harrypotter; //could be any book title$reviews = glob($bookPath . '/review*.txt');print_r($reviews);But this just prints a blank array.Array()It works if I replace my variable $bookPath with the actual text... Read More

Ajax request not going through

'street1' : jQuery('#street1').val()

duplicate username and email ids in wordpress

may be i am missing some thing

Gii ModelGenerator is not working in yii Framework

but when we hover on the ModelGenerator link Waiting for localhost...

Google Oauth Asks Permissions Again and Again?

FILTER_SANITIZE_URL));i have refresh token with offline access

Codeigniter validation always return false

it's always return false.This is the pictureand this my controller:`//session_start();Class Home extends CI_Controller { public function __construct() { parent::__construct(); // Load database $this->load->model('login_pegawai'); } // Show login page public function index() {... Read More

array_intersect always printing first array

select PROD_NM from tmp1); db2_execute($result); if(!empty($result)){ $csv_1 = array(); //fetching data from mysql while($row = db2_fetch_assoc($result)){ $csv_1[] = $row; } } $stmt = db2_prepare($conn

"Functional test of RESTful Basic Auth fails

Functional test of a FOSRestBundle app fails with a 401 code while Postman

Missing message text while looping PHPMailer

'No Reply');$subjectTo = explode(';'