Symfony 3 : Routing with subdomain don't work on prod

I have a routing with host requirements

How to sort data with javascript each()

so users get the new currency rates without page refresh. Here's Laravel blade template:@foreach ($currencies as $currency) <div class=currency-{{ $currency->id }}> <div class=cur-id>{{ $currency->id }}</div> <div class=cur-name>{{ $currency->cur_name... Read More

Laravel function with combination in pivot table

friend_id = 1 from pendingRequests.Here's the code :public function showSendedRequests(){ $request = DB::table('friends_users') ->join('users'

"Site works perfectly on localhost

I have weird situation.I'm using this piece of code to logout the user from the site:case 'exit': setcookie(hash

Registering User with Laravel Passport

I can send a post request to oauth/token and it works on Postman. However

try list of all ip in a query string javascript

answer1 Loop through your array of IPs and concatenate to the URLipArray.forEach(ip => { var url = '' + ip; // do whatever you want with url});

mysql varchar length/values

if my website which reads from the database would have an performance dip if i define a column user_name varchar(255) and not varchar(50)

Accessing constant of an injected class in PHP

answer1 The above can be achieved in this way. Here we are using get_class function to get classname as string. which we are storing it in a variable and then retrieve the value of constant by using that variable.Try this code snippet here<?phpini_set('display_errors'

How to mask parts of a string with the asterisk character

answer1 Try this $phone_number = '******' . substr( $phone_number

How to whitelist editing on certain pages in Mediawiki?

but also editable by unlisted users (Unlike the rest of the wiki where you have to sign in). Like a guestbook kind of thing. I have the read restriction in LocalSettings.php set up like this://Disable reading by anon users$wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = false;//Page Whitelist$wgWhitelistRead =... Read More

Rouncube CAS - CURL self signed certificate

CAS redirect to my RoundCube Webmail but I got an error below:CURL error #60: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificateI tried two ways like that:Turn CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER offOr

How to upload multiple files to database seperately using php?

but I don't know how can I upload multiple files (by multiple files

"SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error in Yii2

I use this query i have error:Yii::$app->db->createCommand(UPDATE post SET text2 = :text2 WHERE id=4

Create dynamic word document using php and html

there are only some examples i found in online those are based on header() based. There are many api in GIT HUB for PDF using php like DOMPDF etc... but i cannot find an worthful api for WORD. Can anyone suggest me!!!!

All variables appear to not be POSTing

it gets inserted into a MySQL database. For debugging purposes